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What is Root Canal Treatment (RCT) ? | About RCT | Root Canal Center in Kilpauk Chennai | Access Dental & Root Canal Center What is Root Canal Treatment (RCT) ? – Access Dental Institute
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What is Root Canal Treatment (RCT) ?

RCT falls in the specialty of ENDODONTICS, a branch of Dentistry, very much like Cardiology, Neurology etc in Medicine. Endodontics means treatment directed inside the tooth (endo – inside; dontics – dental science). When decay (caries) affects the teeth and invades deep to involve the nerve tissue (pulp) inside root, it results in root infection. RCT involves Cleaning and Filling the infected space within the root called the Root Canal. RCT involves 3 basic steps – Access, Cleaning & Shaping, and Filling.

Step 1

Removal of decay & access to the space inside the root (root canal).

Step 2

Complete cleaning & removing of infected debris inside the root canal.

Step 3

Filling the root canal with gutta percha and Sealing the access with tooth colored filling.

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The course was very useful ; The lectures were clear & precise with clinical relevance. Could be better if break timing is increased…

- Dr Gowthami (Chennai)

+91 9840864949

Got a very clear idea of RCT procedure ; Excellent overall experience. LIVE RCT on patient was very clear with clear demo

- Dr Thara (Chennai)

+91 9566240656

The course experience was great and feeling updated. Was able to adapt to Indirect Vision Exercises

- Dr R Manoshree (Guduvancheri)

+91 9710397061


N-34 / O-17, Temple Street,

New Avadi Road,

Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010,

Tamilnadu, INDIA.

Landmark: (Opp. Pachiappas College – Fourth left off New Avadi Road.)

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