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Microscope enhanced Rootcanal treatment

What is an Endodontic Microscope ?

An Endodontic microscope is a magnification gadget that helps you to identify & treat the minute & finer intricacies of the Root canal predictably & successfully.

Advantages of Endo Microscope and how it benefits you as a patient

  • The access cavity (entrance to the root canal) is very small when we use a microscope compared to naked eye thereby preserving tooth structure for longer life.
  • RCT done using a microscope can be compared to a minimally invasive key hole surgery done in medicine with faster healing.
  • The number of canals inside the root can be precisely identified using a microscope compared to the naked eye resulting in zero chances of missing any canal that could lead to RCT failure or sensitivity after treatment.
  • RCT done using a microscope is with utmost precision resulting in negligible chances for any complication during & after the procedure.

Why should you choose Access dental center for Microscopic Root Canal Treatment ?

  • Access Dental is the FIRST CLINIC IN INDIA to install & use the Carl Zeiss Extaro 300 microscope which is the best Dental microscope in the world till date.
  • At Access Dental, Microscopic Root Canal is complemented by cutting edge technology gadgets like Digital Apex Locator, WiFi enabled Root Canal Motor, Ultrasonic tips for precise & painless penetration into the canal, Sonic activation for enhanced cleaning, Bio-ceramic Root filling for 3 dimensional sealing & Double layered Resin core filling for superior strength.
  • Following Root Canal, an all ceramic crown or Overlay is fabricated by means of DIGITAL SCANNING using an INTRA-ORAL SCANNER and not physical impression like previously.

What is Re – RCT ?

  • Re-Root canal Therapy or Re-treatment is the treatment initiated in a previously treated tooth which has failed.
  • Till few years back, all RCT was done under naked eye and with manual methods that can lead to failure because of several causes like missed canals, short filings, perforations, broken instruments or drill bits left behind, non-adhesive root sealers like zinc oxide eugenol, and improper core seal.
  • With the advent of microscope and other supportive gadgets like Digital Apex Locator, WiFi enabled Root Canal Motor, Ultrasonic tips, Sonic activation, Bio-ceramic Root filling & Double layered Resin core filling, the previously failed Root Canal treated teeth CAN BE RE-TREATED successfully.
  • ACCESS DENTAL is equipped with all the required gadgetry to perform Re-Root canal or Retreatment with predictable outcome.


No of RCT done


No of Re RCT done

85 to 90%

Re RCT Success Percentage


Instrument Removal Cases handled

Before & After

Dr. Narasimhan Bharadwaj, MDS

A passionate & prolific clinician, Prof. Dr. Narasimhan Bharadwaj is the Founder – Director of Access® Dental Institute – Root Canal Center (Estd 2001), a specialty Dental Clinic cum Advanced & Microscope Enhanced Root Canal Training center, Kilpauk, Chennai. He is into clinical practice for the last 17 years and has presently carved a niche for himself in the field of Microscopic Endodontics globally.

Dr. Narasimhan Bharadwaj, MDS

FAQ related to Microscopic root canal treatment

What is the difference between conventional RCT & Micro-RCT..?

Microscopic Root Canal Treatment enables absolute precision & painless therapy with minimal invasion to the tooth.

What is the success rate of Microscopic RCT..?

The success rate of microscopic RCT is much higher than conventional RCT mainly because of the detailing in the treatment execution.

Does Microscopic RCT require special equipment’s ?

YES ; Microscopic RCT require a special microscope & Ultrasonics to perform all the procedures precisely.

Can Microscopic Root canal be done by any dentist..?

NO ; Microscopic Root Canal has to be done ONLY by a specialist (Micro-Endodontist) who has trained in Microscope usage. Prof Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj is the FIRST MICRO-ENDODONTIST in the country who has started a super specialty program in Micro-Endodontics.

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The course was very useful ; The lectures were clear & precise with clinical relevance. Could be better if break timing is increased…

- Dr Gowthami (Chennai)

+91 9840864949

Got a very clear idea of RCT procedure ; Excellent overall experience. LIVE RCT on patient was very clear with clear demo

- Dr Thara (Chennai)

+91 9566240656

The course experience was great and feeling updated. Was able to adapt to Indirect Vision Exercises

- Dr R Manoshree (Guduvancheri)

+91 9710397061


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New Avadi Road,

Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010,

Tamilnadu, INDIA.

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