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Microscope enhanced Rootcanal treatment

Conventionally, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) was performed under macro vision (our eye). Today, developments in Science & Technology have pushed frontiers to enhance levels of precision & perfection. This could be accomplished by the use of Dental Operating Microscopes in order to maximize accuracy. Our center takes pride to house the FIRST CARL ZEISS EXTARO 300 MICROSCOPE IN INDIA.

Complex procedures that can be successfully completed with MICROSCOPES include:

  • Re-Treatment of previously treated & failed RCT tooth.
  • Tracing of missed canals resulting in continuous Pain / sensitivity after RCT.
  • Removal of Broken Root Canal drill bits / Files which are leftover in the canal preventing RCT to be completed.
  • The necessity of Apical Surgeries can be minimized dramatically.
  • Root Canal blockages (calcifications) can be removed / cleared successfully.

Automated Endodontics

Earlier, Root Canal Treatment (RCT) was performed using Manual technique – Hand Instrumentation, Multiple X-Rays for Length measurements resulting in multiple visits and ordeal to the patient. Today with Automation, RCT is performed with the aid of Gadgetry as below :

  • Diagnosis & Planning using Digital Imaging and Calibration.
  • Digital Root Length Measurement using Electronic Apex Locator.
  • Mechanised Root Canal Preparation using Endo motor & i-Pad.

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The course was very useful ; The lectures were clear & precise with clinical relevance. Could be better if break timing is increased…

- Dr Gowthami (Chennai)

+91 9840864949

Got a very clear idea of RCT procedure ; Excellent overall experience. LIVE RCT on patient was very clear with clear demo

- Dr Thara (Chennai)

+91 9566240656

The course experience was great and feeling updated. Was able to adapt to Indirect Vision Exercises

- Dr R Manoshree (Guduvancheri)

+91 9710397061


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