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Welcome to Access® Dental Institute – Root Canal Center

I am glad to introduce myself as Prof. Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj MDS, FICOI (US), Founder-Director.


With a perennial desire to deliver top quality dental care in par with global standards at an affordable cost, the Multi-Speciality Dental Clinic was established in the year 2001. Ever since, the clinic has constantly upgraded itself with contemporary state of the art infrastructure & technology to enhance the quality of Dental Care perpetually. The clinic has scaled to new heights towards painless, precision & perfection in the discipline of Microscopic Root Canal Treatment.

Clinical Mission

  • Towards excellence in SpecialIty Dental Care at an affordable cost.
  • To provide Highest Standards in Simple & Complex Root Canal Therapy enhanced by the use of Microscopes & Lasers.
  • To design, sculpt & create Satisfied Smiles.


With the primary intention to disseminate knowledge in the field of Endodontics, Hands-on training modules were started at the center in the year 2012. The Hands-on Training center is equipped with a Lecture Hall, state of the art Phantom Head Mannequins & Microscopes with 24 independent Work Stations. Further, with the core objective to reach affordable dental care to the underprivileged and simultaneous clinical training to Dentists, the Community Dental Clinic – Charitable Trust (Unit of Access Dental Institute) was initiated in the year 2014 to enhance clinical skills of practicing dentists and raise the bar of Endodontic Practice.

Course Objectives

  • To update knowledge & skill in Rotary Endodontics from the Clinical perspective.
  • To enhance Endodontic skills with Microscopes and Advanced techniques.
  • To refine Clinical working on patients by imparting clinical acumen.

Patient Testimonials

from Google Review

Vijayakumar Govindan

Excellent service and we got a very good knowledge about our dental care.

- Vijayakumar Govindan

Periyanayaki Khallapiran

Very pleasing and helpful staff,good service and happy coustomers

- Periyanayaki Khallapiran

Faiza Khanam

Very experienced doctor truly professional.highly recommended

- Faiza Khanam

Narayana Balasubramaniam

Love to visit this hospital as perfection in execution and excellent hospitality.

- Narayana Balasubramaniam

Ayush Jain

The Clinic seems to have well trained and educated Doctors and Nurses. The staff sounds quite good.

- Ayush Jain

Sidsy Daga

Very nice ambience with courteous people around. Impressed with their latest and sophisticated equipment

- Sidsy Daga

Course Participant Testimonials

Dr Sheela

“ The process was simplified to a very practical level with more clarity and easy to learn ; the coordination process with Dr Shalini mam was very good and clear“

- Dr Sheela(Chennai) +918122999769

Dr Gayathri

“ It’sa great experience to know what exactly to be done on a patient for particular treatment ; also I am willing to learn a lot more from you sir. You are a true inspiration to me and a wonderful guide who shares knowledge openly to others, I wished I could have done my college under you, Thank you for giving this feel as true teacher sir.

- Dr Gayathri (Chennai)+91 9094832286

Dr Monisha

“ So informative more than my 5yrs of college, got a bit of confidence to start RCT’s , I hope this is a good and great beginning, Thanks to access team and doctors, so happy I got my first ever academic prize ; Demonstrations helped a lot to cope up with academic points. Indirect Vision training is different and a must needed approach to be practiced. Faculty Guidance was very thoughtful and very lucky to see an indirect LIVE demo on patient.

- Dr Monisha (Tiruvannamalai) +917010627900

Dr R Jayesh

“ The course was Fantabulous. As a Principal, HOD of a college, Ive taken many lectures, but catering to a audience with varied age group and sections in practice is truly amazing ; keep up the good work and inspire all ”

- Dr R Jayesh (Chennai) +91 9841109759

Dr Vikram R Shankar

“Very enlightening on endodontic treatment, helped me a lot to kickstart my rotary endo journey ; the Registration process was very helpful & clear ; the module is perfectly planned & timed that suited my attention span. The infra-structure & facilities are top-notch, truly above my expectations.”

- Dr Vikram R Shankar (Chennai) +91 7667760606

Dr Priyanka Reddy P

“After having checked out so many places, I am blessed to have landed here, God is kind. Now, with sir’s lectures I have the confidence to work on my own. The schedule and duration of the module was perfect. LIVE RCT on a patient was very specific and crystal clear. Very good food. Did not miss home at all. Thank you sir”

- Dr Priyanka Reddy P (Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh) +918148314370

Dr Gowtham Raj

“ Awesome, this many days of fear entering into Root Canal is gonna break and the module gives a clear impact ;Such an wonderful lecture sir. Sure,I will recommend my colleagues to involve and participate in this ”

- Dr Gowtham Raj (Pondicherry) +91 8667364458

Dr Juvairiyanachiyam

“It is very motivating for me as a beginner I can do root canal with confidence, I feel grateful for join here, thank you is not enough to express my gratefulness. I will make you proud sir, LIVE RCT on patient was unexpected wherein I clearly visualize every step. Clinical relevance to lectures are very useful and we can correlate “

- Dr Juvairiyanachiyam(Chennai) +919487572478

Dr Krithika

“ Got confident; gained more information in short period, provided good accommodation and adequate hands on exercises given ”

- Dr Krithika(Erode) +919500626923

Dr Suchithra

“ Great experience ; Was able to unlearn and learn new concepts to incorporate in my regular practice immediately, very thankful for the team “

- Dr Suchithra(Chennai) +91 9176050949

Dr P Geethpriya

“ Best four days teaching module that I can refer confidentially to my collegues, Nicely scheduled programme regarding theory, practical time, perfect atmosphere which keeps me awake and concentrate, I can clinically relate every point sir says wondering that how I prepared a neat access cavity in indirect vision, satisfied food that I dint expect actually, Appreciate efforts made to teach this much clear.  “

- Dr P Geethpriya (Chennai) +91 7418151464

Dr Thapasya

“ Best module I have attended very informative, each an very topic was very clearly explained and concentrated, I also would like to thank other staff who helped us and assisted us never got irritated each and every time we called them for assistance. Thanks to Dr Narasimhan sir for the module.

- Dr Thapasya (Chennai) +91 9003143630

Dr Sasidhara Reddy

I corrected myself some mistakes which I am doing in my clinic in the last 14 years. I am very much impressed with this course. This course totally changed my way of RCT & my RCT materials. Well planned schedule & duration and well-maintained infra-structure. Thank you so much sir.

- Dr Sasidhara Reddy (Mandapeta, Andhra) +91 9949833444

Dr Balaji

Seriously, this was my best Endo module course which I had underwent. Enough Hands-on, Trouble shooting on Next day, Crispy lectures, indirect vision Exercise learned it very well from here. Faculties are very good and interacted very well, seriously I am so happy to learn RCT from a talented, humble person.

- Dr Balaji (Karaikal, Pondicherry) +91 9790330739

Dr Angeline Aishwarya

It is a breakthrough in my clinical Endo career and learnt many new ways of handling patients. Can add one more day for rubber dam sir. 

- Dr Angeline Aishwarya (Chennai) +91 9940510613

Dr Yukar Megha

“ Wish the Schedule & duration could be even more bit longer. Infra-structure was really nice & awesome ; Demonstrations given were very much clear loved it. Every faculty was very sweet and nice. Live RCT on a patient was very much clear and gained much confidence. My experience was awesome coming here was worth. Will surely make sure to come here for further courses “

- Dr Yukar Megha (Arunachal Pradesh) +91 7640098511

Dr Sandeep

“ Its nice to meet everyone at the course and thanks for looking after. Am jealous that this course is easily accessible for you guys in India ; Would wish Sir could to come to Australia. It’s more informative and easy to apply. Endo made easy by sir. Thanks to sir and all the team ”

- Dr Sandeep (Australia) +61430972222

Dr Shreya B

“ Had a great learning experience, very apt for today’s clinical practice. Timing was maintained perfectly for lectures and hands-on, Demonstration given in a very good way, Indirect exercises found little difficult but can be adapt. Evaluation and feedback on hands-on exercise was very helpful. Sir is a great teacher, very organised & methodical. I would also like to extend my thanks to all the supporting staff. Big Thanks to Dr Narasimhan sir “

- Dr Shreya B (Bangalore) +91 9945602969

Dr Karikalan N

“ Nice, well organised program with a lot of clinical tips ; Initially I thought for advanced program but I want to learn under a single mentor. So only I joined basic course too. Hopefully I will join the advanced course as early as possible ; Good program not only for budding dentists also for existing practioners.

- Dr Karikalan N (Chennai) +91 9715107070

Dr UmaMaheswari K

“ Enjoyed seeing crystal clear lectures & demonstration ; was able to adapt to Indirect exercises. It was concise and precise in relevant with latest & universal materials available in market. In conclusion, it was an overall good experience “

- Dr UmaMaheswari K (Malaysia) +60169582072

Dr Arun Prasad G

“Was worth an experience, Learned, cleared all my doubts and confident enough to do an RCT. Lectures are very relevant to clinical. Exactly transparent of what is being discussed is done. Demonstration were very clear and nice clinical pictures, very informative and appreciable. Hands-on exercise were adequate enough to regain our touch back. Live RCT on a patient was very clear and audible. Narasimhan sir has been very transparent here and guided as well enough. Thank you again for your support sir…!!!

- Dr Arun Prasad G (Chennai) +91 9551188666

Dr S Surya

“The schedule & duration is very comfortable, Enjoyed seeing crystal clear demonstration. Indirect Vision - 1st day I couldn’t, 2nd day partly, 3rd day I did 100% I realised I could do. I will continue. There were no restriction for hands-on exercise. Very clear, audible, perfect LIVE RCT on patient. Very good experience, Learnt a lot. I have already started referring and telling my friends to do it. Thank you sir…. Hats off to your efforts……!!!

- Dr S Surya (Chennai) +91 9790686567

Dr Sino Mathai

Excellent course. Microscope orientation and Loupe Demonstration was very clear 

- Dr Sino Mathai (Pondichery) +91 9787653337 - (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Ramesh Shanmugam

The Infra – structure & Facilities of the centre are good. Microscopes provided were in good quality. Adequate exercise were given for Microscope Training

- Dr Ramesh Shanmugam (Coimbatore) +91 07708004372 - (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Narayan A Nair

Module was scheduled perfectly. Gained a nice experience of working under Loupes and microscopes

- Dr Narayan A Nair (Kerala) +91 8281433752 - (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Vanathi

Learn a lot about Magnification and Microscope orientation 

- Dr Vanathi (Tirunelveli) +91 9443852606 - (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Nishad N T

Great Experience and very interactive and Motivating session. The Concept of training under multiple brands of Microscopes are very much useful. Faculty guidance was great during hands-on. Would be happy to do more exercises.

- Dr Nishad N T (Kerala) +919746401310 - (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Saswat Nanda

Really a Good course to work under multiple brands of Microscopes with Good quality. Looking forward to the new world of Magnification 

- Dr Saswat Nanda (Odisha) +917894317348 - (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Anbarasan

Dr Narasimhan sir guidance during Scope Orientation, Demo & Hands –on was extremely fantastic. Extra teeth was provided for my Hands-on which I appreciate. Love to work under scopes.

- Dr Anbarasan (Ramanathapuram) +919944020704 - (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Sudha B N

The microscope module was very Satisfactory. Faculty guidance with multiple Brands of Microscoped is Superb.  Would be happy to do more exercise under Microscope

- Dr Sudha B N (Chikmangalur, Karnataka) +919449025060 - (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Kiran

It was an amazing experience. Quality of Microscopes provided was very good. Good place for training under Loupes & Multiple brand of microscopes. Previously my knowledge was nil with Microscopes, but now I am confident for practise

- Dr Kiran (Tanuku, Andhra Pradhesh) +919959587444 - (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Priyabrata Sahoo

Scope orientation was very useful for Ergonomics ; Microscope Orientation & Demonstration given was very clear ; Got trained under multiple brands of microscopes

- Dr Priyabrata Sahoo (Cuttack, Odisha) +91 7381055556 – (Microscopic Endo)

Dr Arul Arasan

"Have kick started a new dimension in my career"

- Dr Arul Arasan (Thanjavur) – 9443784677

Dr Tasneem

"Too good and very informative ; hope you continue the same way or even better"

- Dr Tasneem (Chennai) – 9884042796

Dr Praveena Anand

"X ray taking can be included"

- Dr Praveena Anand (Chennai) – 9940054034

Dr Magesh Prashanth

"Its really an excellent course. I feel proud that I knew something extra about RCT compared to my friends through this course"

- Dr Magesh Prashanth (Chennai) – 9884467185

Dr Tamil Anbu

"This course was extraordinary exceeding our expectations. It was difficult for us when we started doing RCT and after the course its lot easier and we understood the concepts correctly"

- Dr Tamil Anbu (Chennai) – 944439631

Dr Aravind

"Was really good and working under Phantom head was awesome"

- Dr Aravind (Chennai) – 9841618115

Dr Elavarasi

"On day 1 of my hands-on I found it very difficult to orient to indirect vision ; but due to phantom head training was able to orient more easier on day 2 ; thank you sir, I have been really benefitted by this course"

- Dr Elavarasi (Chennai) – 9789037211

Dr Mohanavel

I can stop fearing about RCT'S after the course

- Dr Mohanavel (Thiruvallur) – 9786733779

Dr Humairah Begum

Course should be continued for the benefit of budding dentist

- Dr Humairah Begum (Chennai) – 9962481039

Dr Saravanan

Fully satisfied with the course organization and hands-on part ; Thank you very much sir

- Dr Saravanan (Chennai) – 9790486709

Satisfied Smiles

Below are some of the treated smiles, restored teeth and corrected dentition in our Access Dental Institute.


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