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Instructions during Root Canal Treatment

RCT is a painless procedure which is done under Local Anesthesia, completed mostly in 1 – 2 visits. During the course of the treatment please FOLLOW the simple instructions given below for a pleasant experience.

  1. If your dentist has prescribed any medication to be taken prior to treatment, DON’T forget to have them.
  2. Be calm & relaxed on the dental chair. Don’t anticipate pain.
  3. The Local anesthetic effect will take about 2-3 hours to subside during which it is a bit difficult to have food…hence plan accordingly. There will not be any loss of consciousness, so the patient can comfortably resume his routine work after the treatment and can self-drive too.
  4. After RCT, some patients may experience mild discomfort for about 2-3 days which is normal.
  5. Do not skip the tablets prescribed whether pain is present or not.
  6. Please AVOID biting any hard foods / meddling with tongue on the Root Canal treated tooth till completion of treatment.
  7. DO NOT have very hot or very cold beverages during the course of the treatment.
  8. Normal Brushing can be continued on the Root Canal treated tooth.
  9. After completion of RCT, CAPPING the Root Canal treated tooth with a CROWN is a MUST in most situations to avoid fracture and failure of RCT.
  10. In case of any Emergencies / Clarifications…please contact your ENDODONTIST / Dental Office for assistance.

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The course was very useful ; The lectures were clear & precise with clinical relevance. Could be better if break timing is increased…

- Dr Gowthami (Chennai)

+91 9840864949

Got a very clear idea of RCT procedure ; Excellent overall experience. LIVE RCT on patient was very clear with clear demo

- Dr Thara (Chennai)

+91 9566240656

The course experience was great and feeling updated. Was able to adapt to Indirect Vision Exercises

- Dr R Manoshree (Guduvancheri)

+91 9710397061


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