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Laser Teeth Whitening (Power Bleaching)

A confident smile reflects on the personality of the individual. Few people have restrictions in their smile because of teeth discoloration. Bleaching enhances the brightness & shade of the teeth thereby rejuvenating their level of confidence.

Power bleaching in 30 min ?

Power bleach or light assisted bleach is a safe, effective and fast procedure completed in 30 minutes at tremendous jump in shade value,can be absorbed instantly in just one visit.

Do bleaching weaken the tooth ?

This is a common myth. Bleaching does not harm the teeth or weaken them. Only too much bleach will tend to remove a layer of enamel. After all too much of anything is good for nothing…!!

How long does the bleaching effect stays ?

Bleaching effect lasts for about 3 years. It depends on the maintenance of the individual. Too much of citrus, caffeine tea etc will reduce its longevity.

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Dental Services

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The course was very useful ; The lectures were clear & precise with clinical relevance. Could be better if break timing is increased…

- Dr Gowthami (Chennai)

+91 9840864949

Got a very clear idea of RCT procedure ; Excellent overall experience. LIVE RCT on patient was very clear with clear demo

- Dr Thara (Chennai)

+91 9566240656

The course experience was great and feeling updated. Was able to adapt to Indirect Vision Exercises

- Dr R Manoshree (Guduvancheri)

+91 9710397061


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