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Long Course Testimonials

Dr Sethnamuthlakshmi (Chennai) +919566170174 I came to know about this course from my senior ; when she said I got curious but still had lots of doubts but the team supported me completely by answering all my queries. Their responsibility was seen in this. I was an absolute beginner in Endodontics. Dr Narasimhan sir, Dr Drisya mam Dr Radhae mam and Dr Shruti ma’am completely guided us throughout the course. Dr Narasimhan sir always listened to our doubts and cleared it in his own way which was very useful in all the practical aspects. Sir also observed the difficulties I faced and addressed them. Sir has taught us many things and one amongst the things I learnt is to stay humble and be open for learning. Dr Drisya and Dr Radhae mam patience in clearing all the doubts helped in me a lot to improve when I had improved they always appreciated the progress which always made me happy and encouraged me a lot. Thank you to sir and all the mentors for being a great support throughout the course.

Dr Haripriya R (Chennai) +919841521919 The three months course working on patients at Community Dental has been very fruitful for me ; I got to learn a lot from the staffs and fellow students. All the Friday sessions have increased my curiosity to learn more in all aspects of dentistry. I’m thankful for Dr Narasimhan Dr Drisya, Dr Radhe and Dr Palak for the knowledge imparted.

Dr Dhanya A P (Chennai) +919677229838 I have been guided very well by all the staff of Access. I had zero knowledge before entering the FCE program. Now I am confident enough to do cases with knowledge. Had a very pleasant experience. Thanking all the staff members and Sir.

Dr T Rohit Narayanan (Chennai) +919840907699 Sir, thanks for helping me throughout the course, I was able to ask even the basic questions andp all the Faculty were friendly and taught me a lot not only regarding endo but all other doubts.

Dr Harshitha C (Chennai) +919790957476
It was a good learning experience working on patients at Community Dental. I got to learn a lot about root canal in a short span of 3 months. The attention was very focused and staffs were very attentive ; by the end of the course I felt very confident in performing RCT’s. Overall the experience, learning and knowledge was better than I expected.

Dr C U Varshini (Coimbatore) +919488219290 Had a very good experience here, came here with zero knowledge in RCT and now I think I have got what I need. Thank you so much to all the Faculty for guiding us throughout in treating patients at Community Dental.

Dr R Rajalakshmi (Sivakasi) +919443867138 Good ; Initially I had no idea of RCT. Here I gained a great knowledge which I will surely implement in my day to day practice. Thank you all for the guidance.

Dr S Vaishnavhi (Chennai) +918825852316 It was a wonderful experience since day one treating patients at Community Dental Clinic. We have been exposed to a variety of clinical cases and we were been guided by staff who were very friendly and extremely knowledgeable.

Dr S Kiruthika (Chennai) +919840938470 I had a wonderful experience with Team Community treating patients. I gained more knowledge and skills about Root canal treatment in this community centre. At the end of the three months I gained more confidence in doing RCT on patients with excellent guidance from all the Faculty.

Dr Sonu R (Chennai) +918680987563 Working at Community Dental on patients was an wholesome experience of improving knowledge and enhancing skills ; very much satisfied and happy to be part of this institution which has extremely patient & kind Faculties and best quality of treatment. Thank you Acess dental team for making me what Iam today.

Dr C Manikandan (Virudhunagar) +919994044727 From the day when I joined till date, I learnt a lot from zero knowledge and still continuing to learn. Friday classes and clinical work assessment session are very effective. We are free to ask any doubt without any hesitation and all the Faculty readily guide us. I have applied all the clinical techniques taught to me and are very effective. Each and every step is monitored and also crown preparation is given which is very effective.

Dr S Praveen (Puducherry) +919751338481 I was not able to perform RCT confidently before coming to Access. Now, I think I am good enough to handle cases. All the Faculty helped us a lot and the guidance given by Sir is very very useful. Thank you all for making the change in me and my ability to do RCT on a patient.

Dr Devika Haridas (Kerala) +919791572836 I really had a very good experience treating patients and doing RCT on patients. Had three years gap before coming here, so my confidence level was zero. Thanks to all my staffs and seriously you are the best staffs I have ever got in my life.

Dr Afrin Mariam S (Chennai) +919600004820 Great workplace to learn endodontics clinically. This institution clarified all my doubts and scare on doing RCT on patients. I had developed confidence to treat patients ; Each and every staff took utmost care in imparting knowledge and skill for each and every student in all the steps without any partiality

Dr Zeba Farzeen (Chennai) +919597107057 I attended the three months Fellowship module (FCE) course at Access under the guidance of Dr Narasimhan sir and got to learn and unlearn so much of Endodontics and Dentistry. Individual attention and step and by step guidance is given to all the candidates. Dr Narasimhan sir is a powerhouse of knowledge which he generously imparts to all his students during the course and continues to do so even therafter. The entire faculty is very helpful and approachable especially Dr Radhae ma’am and Dr Drisya mam. Joining this course has been a Game changer for me and it has equipped me with the necessary skills to confidently and successfully perform endodontic treatments.

Dr Teena Aishwarya R (Chennai) +919597107057

Dr Surabi Rathna P (Chennai) +918939189966 I would like to thank Dr Narasimhan sir for this great opportunity
The first 1 week theory class was basics to know and he taught in the most simplest way for everyone to understand.
From day 1 I was able to do the cases directly on the patient because of the strong basics ;
the patient flow was good enough we were able to do more than the promised cases.
The staffs (Dr.Radhe, Dr Drishiya, Dr Palak) were very friendly to approach and were always ready to help and clear all our doubts.
Not only RCT’s even crown cutting was given to us and a special thanks to Dr Vandhana mam too.
The friday discussions and case presentation with sir improved our confidence level.
On the whole it was the best experience of my career.
Thank you 🙏🏻

Dr Sunitha K (Coimbatore) +919943590700 Access was right for me in so many ways ….but it the way they held hands to teach us and also tease us with questions so that we can learn more. Ive moved forward with my career with the knowledge and practice I have gained from access and treating patients in community. Saying a mere thanks will not be sufficient to express the amount of gratitude I have towards everyone ….the entire team was wonderful …and im so happy to have a been a part of it.

Dr Shiby Gowtham S (Chennai) +919597101118 – Hi sir!
I’m really happy I did this Fellowship course (FCE) and I’m able to root canals now very confidently. I’m doing cases in my parents clinic regularly. My parents are also happy with my work. The theory knowledge that you taught us every Friday and the seminar and evaluation that you did were very helpful. Today, I’m confident with my theory and I did more than 50 cases in community dental.
Thank you so much for all knowledge that you’ve given me sir🙏🙏

Dr Ramaraj Karthik Vishnu Priya (Coimbatore) +919940637170 I feel extremely happy and elated to be an alumni of Access dental, learning RCT and working on patients at Community under the guidance of Narasimhan sir is the best thing that happened to me. Sir not only taught us clinicals but made sure that we know the science behind anything and everything we do on patients.Thank you.

Dr Ragavi R (Chennai) +919003252524 This Fellowship (FCE) module is such a amazing experience working on patients. After a strong basic foundation, we do cases right from 1st week of the course. They have an excellent team to guide us and they are so knowledgeable and so helpful. Before attending the 3 months module I had very little knowledge about RCT, but now I’m confident enough to do cases on my own,thanks to Dr.Narasimhan sir and team.

Dr L K Nithyasri (Chennai) +919790824531

Dr Jeena P (Chennai) +971509904460 This was the best decision in my life, a turning point in my life.This is an excellent course. The staffs are very approachable , anytime you can ask their help and they are on their toes to guide you. Special thanks to drishya mam,Radhae mam and jeslyn mam. Thank you vandhana mam for teaching us so perfectly crown cutting procedures.
I would thank all the sisters for providing us the materials on time and simplifying the procedures.
A heartfelt thanks to Dr. Narasimhan sir.
The friday classes were extraordinary. Sir makes you think, teaches you selflessly and am taking a lot of knowledge from here.
I would highly recommend this course to all my colleagues.

Dr Fyshun Nisha J (Chennai) +918610827612

Dr Divya R (Chennai) +919789212436 – Hi ,
FCE was a great course… gained my knowledge in every topic which they taught me..
Dr Narasimha sir ..thank u so much..for making me to understand what is RCT and why we r doing.. clearly explained
Very happy that I had a chance to attend the course..thank u so much sir
Dr Radhe mam ,Dr Drishiya mam ,Dr Palak mam all the staff are so friendly and motivating..
trained us very well ..
Also thanks to sudha mam such a kind hearted person..also thanks to non teaching staff ( sisters) without them we won’t be able to finish the cases in time ..
Overall it’s a wonderful place to learn RCT .. highly recommend
Thank u .

Dr Annie Evangelin N (Vellore) +919944932760 Im Dr. Annie Evangelin. N Oral and maxillofacial surgeon currently practising endodontics at SMH – Ranipet. I am writing to express my profound appreciation for the remarkable learning experience I had during the 3-month Endodontics Fellowship Certificate (FCE) program at Access Dental Institute and Root Canal Centre, under the esteemed guidance of Dr. Narasimhan Bharadwaj Sir.

The program was a transformative journey that not only expanded my knowledge but also boosted my confidence in performing root canal treatments. I am particularly grateful to my dedicated faculty members, Dr. Radhae, Dr. Drishya, and Dr. Palak, who provided invaluable practical guidance and unwavering support throughout the course. Their expertise and commitment to teaching were instrumental in my development as an endodontist.

I also want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the incredible team of sudha mam and all the sisters who assisted and guided me during my practical sessions. Their support simplified the procedures, and they were always ready to provide materials when needed. Their contribution to my learning journey was invaluable.

As a surgeon, I used to favor extractions over root canal treatments. However, after this intensive training, I have not only gained the skills and knowledge to perform root canal treatments with confidence but have also come to appreciate the importance of saving natural teeth through RCT and re-RCT procedures. This paradigm shift has greatly enriched my practice and improved patient outcomes.

Additionally, tackling complicated cases and their management during the program has been a valuable experience. If we continue to have opportunities to learn from such cases, it would be immensely helpful in our professional growth.

Furthermore, I would like to acknowledge the Alumni Access Group, which has been an invaluable resource for discussing and clarifying doubts. The support and knowledge-sharing within this group have been instrumental in our learning journey.

In conclusion, I am immensely grateful for the exceptional education and training I received during the FCE program at Access Dental Institute and Root Canal Centre Kilpauk, Chennai. This course has not only equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge but has also instilled a newfound passion for endodontics in me. I look forward to implementing my learnings in my practice and providing the best possible care to my patients.

Thank you to Dr. Narasimhan Bharadwaj sir, my dedicated faculty, the supportive sisters, and the Alumni Access Group for this enriching and life-changing experience.

Dr Riju Ambalathingal John (Kerala) +919600140063-My experience at access dental is nothing short of amazing! Narasimhan sir was too good in explaining every aspect of root canal endodontics and the scientific rationale behind how and why we do it. I had done the fellowship course because i felt i needed the hands-on patient experience and it was the best decision ever!! Plus to get this certification done in Mahsa university Malaysia where we give the exams is an added!
Thank you sir and his team of amazing staffs Radhe mam and Drishya mam for guiding us through this course.

Dr Kyaarthini Subramaniam(Malaysia) +918754452413-It was an amazing experience doing the clinical course Fellowship Cert in Endo (FCE) for 3 months working on patients. The Faculty & Staff are an amazing set who guide me step-wise during the module. I have gained lots of knowledge & enhanced my skill

Dr Feba Maria Varghese (Calicut) +917907471476-The clinical module FCE is a very knowledgeable experience. Working on patients gave me good confidence to handle patients and gain experience

Dr Harini (Mettupalayam) +919597044903-It was an wonderful experience learning in this institution and completing the FCE program. Working here under Sir is such a positive ambience along with other staffs ; I have learnt many things about endodontics and had gained immense confidence in handling RCT cases

Dr Misba Afreen S(Chennai) +919791087044-Absolutely loved my time here during the Fellowship Cert in Endo (FCE) program working on patients. I would highly recommend to other doctors.! Love the fact that the protocol laid upon is of high international standards and methods to practically follow and implement them in clinical scenarios is given

Dr Palak Mayur Shah(Chennai) +91 86101968868-The Fellowship Cert in Endo (FCE) long term clinical course was a wonderful experience. We were even taught how to manage complex cases and separation cases. They have an amazing set of Faculty, who never make you feel less homely. I would recommend Access dental Institute to all my colleagues.

Dr Seshadri J (Chennai) +919360265858-It was a good experience doing this clinical module – Fellowship Cert in Endo (FCE) course. I am extremely happy to learn and do cases in Access Dental Institute under Sir. He was very helpful ; Further, Dr Radhae mam Dr Drishya mam and Dr Jeslyn mam were guiding us very well. I am extremely satisfied with this program.

Dr Pratheepa P(Pondicherry) +919942211162-The Fellowship Certificate in Endodontics (FCE) program was a great experience working on patients ; I learnt a lot of new things clinically. Special thanks to all doctors for the excellent guidance &helping us correct our mistakes

Dr Nawfal(Pudukkottai) +918940113111-Very good experience with Access Dental Institute completing the Fellowship Certificate in Endodontics (FCE) program. Good teaching techniques adapted by Staff. Faculty made things very easy and it was a wonderful experience to gain confidence in Endodontics. Thank you sir for this

DrVenkatesh Kommi(Nellore) +919959954123-The Fellowship certificate in Endodontics (FCE) is a very nice & Good experience that we gain working on patients. The Faculty are experienced and guide you throughout the procedure. Worthful to join.

Dr Sabeen Raj(Kumbakonam) + 91 8870091050-This Fellowship Cert in Endo (FCE) is an excellent experience to work on patients. The knowledge gained from the staff and their guidance is very good. I have enhanced my skills working here and really going to miss you all. Thank you.

Dr Veera Vignesh Kumar A R (Chennai)+91 8526524168-Learned a lot by doing the Fellowship Cert in Endo (FCE) course ; The Faculty &staffs here are very approachable, friendly and teach very well. This clinical module on patients is a good platform to enhance your endodontic skills &improvise your knowledge.

Dr Steffy Joseph (Muskat) +91 9444400540-The Fellowship Certificate in Endodontics (FCE) on patients is an extremely useful and informative program. I wish I could get more time to gain more knowledge working on patients. I would highly recommend this clinical module to everyone to gain more knowledge. Thanks to all the staffs and sir.

Dr Preksha Jain (Chennai) +91 9500095926-Excellent exposure and the faculty guide and teach patiently. After completing three months of working in the clinic, I have gained confidence in clinical practice.

Dr Vishal (Trichy)+91 9659405551-It was a great experience to work in the community clinic and do RCT procedures on patients.

Dr Majid A K (Thiruvananthapuram) +91 8220062543-Makes us do root canal procedures confidently. I have gained good experience by working on patients in the Community clinic. Thank you sir!

Dr Jeslyn Jeromy (Chennai) +91 9884267442-The most amazing experience of my life.This course has changed the entire course of my career being one of the major stepping stones of my life.Thank you sir, Radhaemam ,Sam mam.

Dr Priya Chatterjee (Kolkata) +91 9840319310-I had a very nice experience doing root canals on patients – from access cavity to crown preparation.Facultyare very good.Sir taught us well and came to the Community clinic daily inspite of his busy clinical schedule

Dr Nazia Zareen I (Chennai) +919677207556-Amazing course. I am very happy that I chose to do the FCE course in Access dental institute. Faculty, assistants, sisters were all helpful. It was very comfortable to work in the clinic, on patients, without any pressure. Thank you!

Dr Zahra (Bangkok) +91 8511980211-Amazing course. It provided the opportunity to learn by doing root canals, on patients, in the clinic. Thank you sir!

Dr N K Priyanka (Chennai) +91 9566140042-It was genuinely a great experience to be able to work on patients in the Community clinic. I was able to learn a lot in the 3 months spent there. It never felt like a college/ institute because of the kindness showed by the Faculty. Hands down, this is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Taking a lot of knowledge from this place. Thank you to sir for teaching us the things he learned, the hard way, so selflessly. This place has special place in my heart. Thank you!

Dr. R.Manju Bhashini (Chennai) +91 9003282286-My experience working in the Community clinic on patients was great. I didn’t know even a single thing in endo before coming here. I am really proud and confident enough to treat a patient from beginning to end. Apart from endo, Dr Narasimhan also corrected silly mistakes and taught me a lot about the subject. Thank you so much to all the doctors

Dr Racheal Sanjay Jacob (Chennai) +91 8122937730-A great place to learn, work and gain immense confidence in endodontic practice. The kind of support and guidance is amazing. Dr Narasimhan is a great mentor, a superb teacher who teaches and guides us right through basics to the most advanced steps in endodontics. Dr Radhae, Dr Samrithi and Dr Hari have been very friendly, approachable and extremely supportive throughout. Thank you so much.

Dr. SC Suvetha (Tirupur) +91 9042273337-It was a wonderful experience working on patients in the Community clinic. Dr Narasimhan, Dr.Radhae and Dr.Samrithi have guided us a lot. It gave me lot of confidence. Access have turned into a family for me. They are very friendly and will clarify all your doubts

Dr Sai Priya (Calicut) +91 8848292302-I am blessed to have got a chance to study FCE and do clinical cases under Dr Narasimhan sir. After finishing my 3 months of clinical training, I have started going for consultations and whenever in doubt I still call Dr Radhae for guidance. To learn under sir is truly a blessing. Community clinic is family now

Dr.Venkata Rathanam (Bangalore) +91 9440622277-The clinical fellowship course on patients is an excellent module ;I have gained a lot of confidence.The knowledge level is way higher than expected and improved my skills. Thank you Dr Narasimhan, Dr Radhe ,Dr Samrithi, Dr Drisya, Dr Sri Hari and Sudha mam

Dr Srihari (Tirupur) +918667324122-It has been a wonderful journey doing clinical cases in the community clinic. Lots of clinical knowledge gained and I will always be grateful for that. Thank you so much sir

Dr Abdul Rahman (Tirunelveli) +91 9791004589-Learnt a lot from here, not only regarding RCTs but also on how to manage and develop my clinical practice.The course has given me the confidence to do root canals efficiently. Thank you Dr Narasimhan.

Dr Ashwin D (Coimbatore) +91 9629797989- First day when I joined this course, I was very nervous and when I met sir the first thing I told him was “Sir I am zero in root canal” he just smiled and said “you are like a clay and you can be moulded easily” and he did the same as he promised me. Today I can proudly tell that I can take up cases and do it up to the mark I am very grateful to him and the faculties throughout the course everyone help me in many ways through the process of this course and I am thankful to each one of them who took part in this wonderful journey thank you

Dr Namrata (Chennai) +91 9841245599-The clinical Fellowship module (FCE) was very useful working on patients at Community Clinic. After the program, I am very confident with root canals.

Dr A Benetto (Palakkad) +91 9884714171 –Dr Narasimhan Sir and all the Faculty took extra care in teaching and guiding us doing clinical cases at the Community clinic during my Fellowship (FCE). Seminars were very useful to enrich our knowledge and correct our mistakes. Nurses were very helpful and overall a good experience. Thank you Sir.

Dr Sarathal (Madurai) +91 9442038588 –I had an amazing experience at the Community clinic doing the Fellowship module (FCE).I came with zero knowledge in RCT. After working on patients at the Community clinic doing the Fellowship (FCE), Iam now confident to handle Endo cases. All the staff are helpful.

Dr Lavanya V (Chennai) +91 9489476996 –I had an amazing experience at the Community clinic doing the Fellowship module (FCE). Thank you, Dr Narasimhan Sir and all the doctors who helped and motivated us, to get confidence to handle clinical cases by the exposure. Thank you everyone.

Dr G Pragya (Chennai) +91 9842823901 – The clinical module (FCE) was a very good experience with good exposure at the Community clinic. I had the opportunity to handle different RCT cases. Dr Narasimhan Sir along with other Faculty are good mentors who guided me in managing all challenging cases.

Dr Mohamed Raza (Chennai) +91 9884877478 – The clinical Fellowship module (FCE) was an excellent course working on patients at Community Clinic. The Faculty were excellent in guidance clinically and theoretically always answering our doubts. I developed confidence in Endo only because of Dr Narasimhan. He is my role model…!

Dr Saranya Devi Ganesan (Chennai) +91 9600129505 – The Fellowship module (FCE) was an amazing experience learning from Dr Narasimhan Sir and all the Faculty at the Community Clinic. To be honest my skills in Endodontics were nil at the time I joined. I have learnt a lot and my confidence level is way much higher and my skills have also improved. I am thankful to Sir and all the staff who were supportive and have helped me to reach here ; Thank you.

Dr SamrithiYuvaraj (Chennai) +91 9841560929 – The Community clinic where the Fellowship module (FCE) is held was extremely comfortable with easy working environment. Working on patients, I learnt not only root canals but also crown preparation. I was able to apply what was taught to me practically on patients and visualize the results for myself. And over a period of time my work improvised. Also, working at community center was a way of giving back to the society. Iam grateful to Dr Narasimhan, Dr Krithi, Dr Gajapriya and Dr Radhae for being approachable and teaching me patiently. I must also mention all the sisters at the clinic and Sudha mam without whom the completion of this wouldn’t have been possible.

Dr Swathi B (Chennai) +91 7358209715 – My experience at the Community clinic Fellowship module (FCE) was very good guidance from Faculty when I worked on patients. A lot of practical clinically oriented info given. Very engaging classes. Clinically on patients, I was able to correlate what was taught and practiced.

Dr S Krithika Priyadarshini (Chennai) +91 9840804223 – The Fellowship module (FCE) is one amazing experience. I was zero with my Endodontic knowledge and was lacking in confidence. At the Community clinic where we worked on patients, I gained a lot of confidence, knowledge and clinical working skills. I thank Narasimhan Sir, Gajapriya mam, Krithi mam and Radhae mam for training me. I also thank the other non-teaching staff for helping us out.

Dr S Arathy (Ooty) +91 6383523622 – The Fellowship program (FCE) module has been anamazing experience at the Community clinic. It was so good to work on patients and learn here and Faculty and staff were so kind and motivating. Thanks to Dr Narasimhan Sir for giving us this opportunity to work on patients. It was very useful for us to move forward in our career. Thanks to Radhae mam, Krithi mam and Gajapriya mam for sharing their knowledge and guiding us.

Dr RK Chandana (Chennai) +91 9597767492 – The clinical Fellowship module (FCE) was a good experience where I learnt and gained so much knowledge. Thanks to Dr Narasimhan Sir for giving this opportunity and platform to work on patients after completing ourunder graduation at the Community Clinic. Thanks to Gajapriya mam, Krithi mam and Radhae mam for guiding, teaching and motivating us.

Dr N Akash (Chennai) +91 9677188145 – I had a good experience at the Community clinic doing the Fellowship module (FCE). Now I developed good confidence to do RCT. Thanks to Dr Narasimhan Sir for giving this opportunity and platform to work on patients.

Dr Shahin Sabana (Chennai) +91 6383880193 – The clinical Fellowship Program (FCE) is made in such a way that we can be continuously exposed to patient work and seminars. The knowledge and materials given to us is unimaginable and being exposed to so many new updates is something which I didn’t expect at the Community clinic. Fortunate to be under the roof of Dr Narasimhan Sir, Dr Gajapriya mam, Dr Krithi mam and Dr Radhae mam. Thank you.

Dr Anbu Meena /Dindugal/+91 7373974023 – The Fellowship program (FCE) module has been a great experience in learning RCT from the legend Dr Narasimhan ; I always felt like Sir is doing some magic when he is doing cases because Sir will finish the cases in few minutes in a perfect manner. I always wonder whether I could do like that but the way Sir teaches is like teaching ABC for kids. Most are Sir’s own protocols and if we follow them like formula, the end result is perfect. I gained practical experience with theoretical knowledge. Sir’s words of encouragement while doing cases have boosted and uplifted my confidence. A special thanks to Dr Gajapriya mam, Dr Bharathi mam and other staff for their constant support and help. The whole clinic is filled with positive vibes where everyone encourage us to do better. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Sudha mam who was always there whenever I needed help. I highly recommend this Fellowship for every dentist ; wherever I went I got appreciation for my work which is only because of Dr Narasimhan and his amazing team. I will always be grateful, Thank you.

Dr Radhe /Chennai/+91 9003210680 – Before attending the Fellowship Program (FCE), I had very limited knowledge about RCT. But now after successful completion of the clinical module on patients, I am very confident in handling cases independently, thanks to Dr Narasimhan Sir. During the entire program, Dr Krithi mam and Dr Gajapriya mam guided me in each and every case. Faculty are very friendly at the same time extremely knowledgable. Patient flow is quite good ; The weekly seminars and clinical case discussion are very useful. Overall the entire Team Access are very supportive.

Dr S Manon Mani/Madurai, Tamilnadu/+91 8220376482 – I was able to manage patients during pandemic period with proper protocol with Dr narasimhan Sir’s guidance. Now I am confident with calcified cases, crown preparations, post & core and retreatment cases because of Dr Gaja Priya’s guidance I am glad I have joined the course during the prime period of my career thank you.

Dr Lahoti Shubham/Nanded, Maharashtra/+91 6362915600 – All the way from Maharashtra to Chennai for the Fellowship Program in Endo (FCE) was worth it. I have learnt so many things clinically. As a beginner, it was a wonderful experience to work under the mentorship of Dr Narasimhan Sir and his Team over there. Thank you everyone for your support and care ; special thanks to Sir for all his efforts.

Dr Saravanakumar / Salem /+91 9003381870 – During the clinical Fellowship program (FCE), I gained more knowledge in both theory and practical aspects of Endo. Now I am more confident in doing RCT. All the Faculty members were kind and friendly. We got to do good number of patient RCT cases.

Dr Vasu/ Chennai / +91 7904464583 – The Fellowship Certificate in Endo (FCE) program provided me with the required basic skill and knowledge to start off Endo on my own and I am very confident today ; The materials, infrastructure and clinical guidance on patients were excellent.

Dr Pratichi Mohanty/ Bhuvaneshwar/ +91 9845319766 – I will highly recommend this clinical Fellowship Program (FCE) for all UG students and Dental practitioners to enhance their skills in Endo. My experience at Access is very good and Ive learnt so many new techniques and methods about Endo which helped me to upgrade my confidence over RCT. Learning under Dr Narasimhan Sir is highly commendable. The Faculty and Staff are highly skilled and patient towards students and they are always there to help. Anyone who is interested in Endo and wants to get confident in clinical RCT can surely join this program. After finishing this course I can confidently say “I can do Endo”. The Dining and work area can be more spacious.

Dr An Al Meenakshi / Chennai / +91 9500001112 – The Fellowship Program (FCE) on patients is designed and structured well which is very helpful for aspiring clinicians. Very much impressed with the practical approach and top class materials provided to us for practice. The staff were patient and supportive during every step of the case until we were confident. I highly recommend this course.

Dr Sneha-Bokadia / Chennai / +91 9150774447 – I had a very good experience during the entire Fellowship program (FCE). This course has enhanced my skills in RCT not only clinically but also theoretically ; Learning 6 different Rotary systems was the biggest advantage of this program as it gave me good and broad ideas about various systems and protocols. I joined a clinic immediately after finishing my course and started applying the techniques simultaneously. Dr Narasimhan Sir is the best mentor I could ever have as sir is not only talented but also very patient in teaching us from scratch. Another big advantage is that sir provides guidance for our personal cases even after completion of course. I am glad that I joined this Fellowship program which boosted my confidence clinically.

Dr Sharanya / Chennai / +91 9884489360 – It was indeed an excellent learning experience with hands on clinical training on patients and individual attention. We were exposed to all kinds of clinical cases on patients. Thanks to Dr Narasimhan sir for sharing his wisdom, knowledge and expertise with all of us. I can now do RCTs with confidence.

Dr Nousheen Fairose / Chennai / +91 9500163654 – Excellent coaching by Dr.Narasimhan and his team(Dr. Kamal and Dr. Krithi) they made me confident in handling cases…. to add on, any doubts in further cases after the course also, sir is very open to discuss and he gives his valuable time and advices to us… kudos to Dr. Narasimhan and his team!!!

Dr Malavika / Kanyakumari / +91 9944540715 – I completed my RCT Fellowship Clinical module on patients successfully under the effective guidance of my teacher Dr Narasimhan sir, and have gained a detailed knowledge of case selection, methodologies, treatment plan and outcomes within this 3 months’ time frame ; best place to gain knowledge and good opportunity for clinical exposure, thanks to ACCESS ROOT CANAL CENTRE and to my guide and support.

Dr Dhanalakshmi / Chennai / +91 9840434224 – Before I joined this clinical module, I had zero knowledge in Rotary Endo. After completing the module on patients, Ive gained a lot of information & knowledge and now Iam confident enough to perform Endodontic Treatment on patients. Guidance by Dr Narasimhan Sir, Dr Kamal Sir & Dr Krithi mam were good. The lecture & discussions conducted every Friday were very useful

Dr Jayalakshmi / Chennai / +91 7299337908 – I have gained so much of confidence in doing RCT working on patients for 150 days. Also, Ive improved my chair position, working style etc and Iam glad that I found this Institute. Now, even a tough case like RE-RCT, Perforation management, Iam able to do confidently. Iam very much thankful for Dr Krithi, Dr Kamal & Dr Narasimhan for their guidance.

Dr Arpitha Sharath / Karnataka / +91 8971382488 – Had a very good experience in these 3 months duration working on patients at Community Clinic ; Have got an opportunity to face and observe variety of cases. Faculty & Teaching staff are the backbone who helped, taught and guided us to manage complex cases. Also, gained a lot of information from seminars and case discussion which was presented in front of Dr Narasimhan Sir, which Sir used to correct and teach us then and there.

Dr Aswini / Chennai / +91 7338751272 – Really had a good experience working on patients for 3 months ; learned lots and lots of clinical aspects with the help of Dr Narasimhan Sir, Dr Santanam and Dr Kamal. Got exposed to difficult cases too which enhanced my chairside confidence. Thank you.

Dr Dinesh / Chennai /+91 9566155001 – The 3 months clinical exposure of working on patients at Community Dental Clinic and training at Access Dental was Good. Gained a lot of confidence working on patients.

Dr Bontu Sai Venkata Nitisha / Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad / +91 9940305377 – It was an amazing experience. Thank you Dr.Narasimhan sir for this experience. special thanks to Dr.santhanam, who mentored me though out the course helped me access and analyse the case and to become a better clinician. this course changed my entire perspective of how to do a root canal made me believe in myself that I could do it better with confidence.

Dr Srikanth / Kerala / +91 7012382622 – It’s really good platform to learn more about Endodontics. In my community posting days I have tried out different file systems which made me realize how to use different file systems in various cases and cost efficiently. I have been trained to avoid my mistakes and I have got a chance to improve my skills.

Dr Chanchell / Chennai / +91 6381300207 – It was a very good experience to work on patients for 3 months; learnt a lot from Dr Santhanam sir & Dr Kamal sir very helpful and guided us well through all steps thus making us confident in our work. Had a constant support from Dr Narasimhan sir. I am very satisfied of joining the course as it definitely met my Expectation.

Dr Sowmya Thabitha / Chennai / +91 9790987061 – My Experience with patients on 3 months module was great. I especially thank Dr Santhanam sir and Dr Kamal sir for guiding and supporting us through the course. I had constant support from Dr Narasimhan sir. I gained immense knowledge and skills in 3 Months. Thank you sir

Dr Gaja Priya (Dindigul) +91 9566253203 – It was a great experience to be part of the 75 days clinical module program. The case discussions and theory classes every week by Dr Narasimhan Sir were really helpful to enhance our skills and correct our protocols. The staff members Dr Santhanam and Dr Kamal guided us throughout the entire course period. I would definitely recommend this course for any beginner who want to master Rotary Endodontics clinically.

Dr Kripa Agarwal (Hyderabad) +91 8106449004 – A course definitely worth doing ; the training start from Basic level and focus on making basic strong and applying them clinically on patients. The constant support from Narasimhan Sir keeps one motivated. The continuous guidance from Dr Santhanam and Dr Kamal while working on patients and correcting our mistakes has taught and helped us a lot. Its an amazing learning experience for 75 days, where you do both simple and complicated cases. A course definitely worth recommending & colleagues.

Dr Simran Chhabria (Chennai) +919904125743 – A course that I would definitely recommend to my peers. A great learning curve. I was able to understand the basics of root canal treatment. Sir’s protocols are simple and straight forward to apply in practice & I got good learning space. Overall experience was very good. Thank you to Sir, Santhanam sir, sisters & colleagues.

Dr Zainab Z (Chennai) +919790855523 – Great learning experience. Having not known much about Rotary Endodontics, I was very satisfied with what I am taking back in the 3 months of clinical training. It’s been an eye opener about how vast the subject is, and I feel motivated to learn more. The course has benefited me immensely in learning the basic protocols of RCT.

Dr Neha Daga (Chennai)  +919884544555 – “It was a very good experience to work on patients for 3 months ; learnt a lot. Dr Bharathi & Dr Santhanam were very helpful and guided us well through all the steps thus making us all confident in our work. Had constant support and guidance from Dr Narasimhan sir which helped clear our doubts and improve our skills and knowledge about the subject. I am very satisfied of joining the course as it definitely met my expectation. Thank you.”

Dr Sushma (Palakad, Kerala)+91 8884372085 – “It was interesting to treat variety of cases for 3 months. The discussion classes given by Dr Narasimhan were really informative. I got immense confidence within myself to do Root Canal Treatment. A big thanks to Dr Santhanam and Dr Sweetlin for guiding us to do Root Canal Treatment. They all increased my confidence level a lot. So I am happy to say that now more confident to do Root Canal Treatment.”

Dr Vibheesh (Chennai) +91 7550110855 – “I had a very good experience here, learnt a lot working on patients. My working skills and hand work improved a lot. The atmosphere here is very friendly and motivating. A lot of new and different cases are given to us Dr Santhanam and Dr Sweetlin guided us very well. Special thanks to Dr Narasimhan sir for providing us with this excellent course.”

Dr Janani (Tirunelveli) +91 9659522942 – “It was an amazing learning experience for me working on patients. I can truly say from my heart I learnt it peacefully. I am very happy to take this course. I got a very good experience for working on patients doing Root canals & Crown preparation, Post & Core and also Tooth coloured restoration. I have gained lots of self-confidence, Dr Santhanam & Dr Sweetlin guided and helped us during the entire 3 months. My heartfelt thanks to Dr Narasimhan sir for providing us with good curriculum.”

Dr Manasa Mohan (Sharjah) +91 9840615580 – “This 3 months clinical module on patients is worth the time and money. This course has boosted up my confidence in doing Root Canal, Post Endodontic Restorations, Retreatment procedures on patients. Thanks to Dr Narasimhan for imparting knowledge to us which was mainly clinical based and much needed. I also thank Dr Santhanam, Dr Sweetlin & Dr Bharathi for whole heartedly helping us learn. The simple organised protocol for Root Canal and the method of teaching is most favourable. I thank them again for creating a friendly atmosphere which made learning fun. I also thank Ms Sudha & the team of sisters who were always there by our side.”

Dr Krittika (Chennai) +91 8939163812 – “It was an amazing experience treating variety of cases for 3 months. The discussion classes with Dr Narasimhan were really helpful. Dr Narasimhan Sir’s own protocol and steps for RCT made the procedure very simple. Dr Santhanam and Dr Sweetlin guided and helped us during the entire 3 months. Lots of procedures other than RCT like Restorative was also given. The place was very comfortable and these 3 months really helped me in my career. “

Dr Bhawani Gupta (Chennai) +91 9840671503 – “When I initially started towork on patients at Community Clinic itself, I got immense confidence within myself to do Root Canal Treatment, which used to merely be a nightmare. All thanks to Dr Narasimhan sir, for whole heartedly giving us the best and needful training for future endeavours “

Dr Kamala Kannan (Chennai) +91 8056261130 – “It was a very good experience being a part of the 3 months clinical module. Dr Narasimhan Sir’s lecture in the 4 days module guided our clinical skills theoritically and his weekly discussions at Community Clinic was very useful in updating. A special note to Dr Santhanam & Dr Sweetlin who took care and gave guidance during our 3 months where we learnt lots of procedures like Post & Core, Retreatment etc, other than RCT’s. Overall experience was very useful. “

Dr Aarthi (Chennai) +91 9444532814 – “Was a very pleasant experience working on patients for 3 months ; enjoyed the learning process. The theory classes conducted enhanced our learning. We learnt the importance of every step in doing RCT. The staff and teachers Dr Santhanam & Dr Sweetlin gave good guidance and took care of us. Thank you Dr Narasimhan Sir for the excellent lectures & the experience you shared ; they gave us a lot of insights which helped to do RCT in a better way. “

Dr Nishanth Ravichandran (Keelkatalai) +91 9791103531 – ” A good learning experience for 3 solid months, couldn’t ask for more ; best Faculty members to guide you throughout the course expecially Dr Santhanam. Have the freedom to be yourself and learn things to whatever extent you want. Have learnt how to be punctual and disciplined because without these things no one can excel in amy field. “

Dr Shanker G (Malaysia) +91 8939570709 – ” We were exposed to a lot of clinical procedures in the 3 months other than RCT which was a boost for our confidence. Very encouraging and supportive staff members. A holistic approach for us to be a better dentist and also a better individual to serve our community. “

Dr Subbulakshmi (Tirunelveli) +91 9488385234 – ” Wonderful experience, Iam happy that Ive taken the right decision of my life. Thanks to Dr Narasimhan Sir for providing such a platform where we work on patients and my special thanks to Dr Santhanam and Dr Pragya for their guidance ; Last but not the least, thanks to our co-ordinator Mrs Sudha and entire Team Community for their assistance. “

Dr Khaleda Tahseen (Gulbarga, Karnataka) +91 9742316144 – ” I have only one word – this course in UNPARALLEL. Big thanks to Dr Narasimhan Sir for creating a platform under the name Community Dental Clinic, where we work on patients ; this is most suitable for beginners and practicing clinicians to enhance their clinical skills and boost their confidence level. “

Dr Anjan (Chennai) +91 9962490293 – ” Iam a Prosthodontist ; this 3 months clinical module on patients is very effective and very precise with proper protocols supported with recent advances. Very good support staff. “

Dr Akshaya (Chennai) +91 9952999288 – ” A worthy 3 months it was ; I had good exposure to latest methods of Root Canal Treatment on patients. I got to know the latest equipments & materials in Endodontics, and had a great time with my fellow doctors in 3 months. Special thanks to Dr Narasimhan, Dr Santhanam & Dr Pragya for guiding me all the way. I would definitively recommend to all my friends.”

Dr Rohit (Chennai) +91 9677254785 – ” This course is wondeful ; I got more than what I expected from here. The Faculty here are amazing and guide you throughout the 3 months for my work on patients. Before coming to this course, I was afraid to perform root canals and work in Indirect Vison, but after completing this course I can proudly say I can practice root canals in Indirect Vision successfully. “

Dr Prasenjit Ghosh (Agartala, Tripura) +91 9856051252 – ” Overall good experience ; Nice professional teaching, highly skillful and friendly Faculty – Dr Santhanam & Dr Pragya. The co-ordinator and Team including all the staff and sisters are efficient and helpful. “

Dr Reeba Mary Mathew (Australia) +918608879307 – ” Has been an enriching clinical learning experience. I was able to work on different kinds of patients and learnt a lot of tips & tricks. The overall experience with staff and other colleagues has been satisfying. Best mentors and very approachable…Hats off…! Keep up the great work Team Community. “

Dr Hemalatha (Chennai) +91 9445579584 – ” It was a nice learning experience. I learnt proper RCT protocols with procedure on patients. “

Dr Sudha Ravi Goli (Ongole, AP) +91 9966222047 – ” Great experience in doing RCT on patients. Was taught and guided the proper protocol for RCT clinically. “

Dr Daphne Anandraj (Chennai) +91 9790575201 – ” It is an excellent learning experience ; felt more confident in doing Rotary endo and also post endo restorations. Many thanks to Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj for providing such a platform. Special thanks to DrSanthanam and Dr Pragya in community who made it easier to learn and practise. Used the rubberDam for the first time here and had great comfort in using it. “

Dr Heena Shingvi (Chennai) +91 9677000415 – ” Thank you so much sir for your continued guidance in making us feel confident in performing root canals in private practise. Thank you for teaching us the proper method and organised protocol for Root Canal Therapy. Thank you again Dr.Narasimhan sir, Dr Santhanam, Dr Pragya… “

Dr N T Vaishnavi MDS (Erode)+91 9176875928 – ” Very positive marked improvement in confidence level after the course. Well-experienced tutors with immense patience, ever ready to guide. Good staff members ( Sharp Ms.Sudha and team). Thankyou sir, for creating this platform, one of the first of its kind.Thank you sir, for being open-minded and teaching without any reservations.Thanks for putting an end to the powercut issues by installing a Genset. Thanks for extending our programme due to the rain issue.We understand your vision about improving the setup with every year to come. Our wishes for the institution to turn out to be the best ever, in the year to come. All the very best.. “

Dr Addlin Dolly Christina (Chennai) +91 9789897478 – ” My experience at Access Dental Institute & Root Canal Centre had been simply amazing. My times at community clinic has enabled me to enhance my practical abilities and also increased my confidence in dealing with patients. My sincere thanks to Dr Narasimhan sir, Dr Santhanam sir, Dr Pragya, Ms Sudha & other sisters for all their efforts to help me make the best use of the course. I also wish the entire team a goodluck for their future. “

Dr J AthibanRaj (Chennai)+91 9840158558 – ” I am very happy to take this course. It has boosted my confidence in RCT. A perfect blend of scientific evidence & small practical tips makes the learning experience awesome. My heartfelt thanks to Dr Narasimhan, Dr Santhanam & Dr Pragya – has made my whole experience memorable. “

Dr Sweta (Rajkot) +91 9624966997 – ” The 3 months clinical module on patients was an amazing curve of learning period from a great Endodontist Dr Narasimhan Sir. The organised protocol for Root Canal clinical training and the teaching methododlogy is most favourable even for a beginner dentist. Thank you so much Sir for everything. “

Dr Dhruvi (Rajkot) +91 9409529177 – ” It was a great learning experience from Dr Narasimhan Sir and team. He is very kind, helpful and encourages to perform and an inspiration. Iam very lucky and truly satisfied with this 3 months clinical module on patients. Dr Santhanam Sir, Dr Pragya mam and other staff are very good and helpful. “

Dr Nithya (Chennai) +91 9444884115 – ” In simple words, I came like impression compound and got moulded like silicone impression material. My sincere thanks to each and every one in Team Community – Dr Narasimhan Sir, Dr Santhanam, Dr Pragya, Ms Sudha and other sisters. Thanks a lot Sir. Suggestion : Endo cursor can be kept in the Dept so that the doctors can use it for calcified canals. “

Dr Mala (Chennai) +91 9962210399 – “A very good platform to enhance our skills. Perfect course to get trained in Rotary Endodontics under the guidance of Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj. One of the very few places were “Hands-on” is on patients. Very co-operative staff. For me, it was a dream come true as I was passionate towards Endodontics. One more chance to rebuild your career if you have taken a break. “

Dr Jochim Michel (Malaysia) – ” First and foremost, I am most grateful to my colleague and dear friend DrHabshaFathima to have introduced me to this brilliant and promising Endo & Post Endo course in Access Dental Institute and Community Clinic, Kilpauk, Chennai. This one of a kind training center is the brainchild of one of the mostrenowned and experienced Endodontist of his time, Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj.I am blessed for the opportunity to be able to train under him.His careful coaching and step-by-step guidance of clinical protocols, tips and tricks gave us clear orientation and confidence boost.

Over 3 months, this academy has provided an overall excellent exposure and clinical training on fundamentals and recent treatment concepts of Endodontics and postscovering rotary Endodontics, retreatments, crown & bridges etc which is practically essential and easily reproducible in our day to day practice. The 1 staff to 1 student step-by-step coaching model run by Dr Narasimhan, DrSantaanam and their team maximized our clinical exposure and learning curve.A special appreciation to DrSantaanam who is the backbone of this academy for constantly being by our side and journeying with us to guide and manage our daily challenges.

I thank God and am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend this module. I couldn’t have imagined it otherwise. It is a remarkable lifetime learning experience in terms of clinical training, staying in a different cultural environment, working with staffs and doctors from local and around the world, meeting and treating patients from different walks of life. Once we connected, we were heavy hearted to say goodbye.This phase of my life here, the life lessons here, the teaching staff, the team and this training center will always be close to my heart.A course definitely worth my every cent, it is not over yet but just a stepping-stone to an endless exciting journey of Endodontics. Sky the limit! “

Dr Karthik Rajan (Kerala) +91 8861231594 – ” It was a privilege to be a part of the Endodontics Clinical Module at Access Dental institute by Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj.It was one of the best decisions in my life to have got trained to do RCT under his excellent guidance.The entire faculty was very warm and welcoming and guided us throughout the duration of the course.The framework and execution of the course were so well planned and organized and it molded our skills to no less than an Endodontist.We were exposed to many cases during the schedule and were made confident to handle complicated cases with ease,and the confidence we gained is immense.Special thanks to DrSanthanam and DrHabsha for always being available for us ; my gratitude to Dr Narasimhan Sir is beyond expression.You were one of the best teachers I ever had and there are very few teachers who share knowledge like u do.Thank you so much Sir.”

Dr Janani (Chennai) +91 9566255481 – ” An excellent learning experience, this course combines both theory and practical aspects; I feel more confident to provide a wonderful way to improve patient’s smiles. I feel very confident now to do root canal procedure. Thanks Dr Narasimhan sir, DrSanthanam and DrSukanya for helping me through this fantastic journey. The value for me as a general dentist is amazing and it instills confidence. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. A fabulous journey with u all….thank you.”

Dr Pragya Kumari (Chennai) +91 9171169696 – ” That was an amazing curve of learning period from a great EndodontistDr Narasimhan sir. The organized protocol for root canals and the method of teaching is most favorable even for a dentist who hates Endodontics. I thank you so much sir for your continued guidance in making us feel confident in performing root canals in private practice.”

Dr Ashwin Rajah (Malaysia) – ” This course was life changing for me as I was at ground zero in endodontics. It was the best platform for me to learn and understand root canals with various systems under proper guidance of one of the best teachers Dr Narasimhan and DrSanthanam of which they played a great role in moulding me in learning endodontics. I thank them so much and the ground staff were great too. Overall it was a great course and I would recommend it to anyone. Cheers:) “

Dr. Alia Amrin (Bangalore) +91 9003028914 – ” My experience at Community Dental during the 3 months module has been wonderful. It’s the right platform to learn Endodontics from basics. Very good exposure to Rotary Endowas provided which is very helpful in general practice. My heartfelt thanks to DrNarasimhan sir for providing us with good curriculum and continuous support throughout the course ; and I am very grateful to my faculty DrSanthanam andDrSukanya who has helped us at each and every step during the module.”

Dr Akram Abdullah (Chennai) +91 7349350852 – ” I’m very happy to take this course. This course increased my level of confidence in dentistry and in Endodontics. Before this course root canal is like a difficult procedure for me but now its easy for me to handle even difficult cases. The satisfaction after finishing this course is high. Dr Narasimhan sir, DrSanthanam sir, DrSukanya and all staffs in clinic helped me a lot. I will recommend my friends to do this course for sure. I like to do more such courses from your institute. “

Dr Sharmila (Chennai) +91 9789972347 – ” I just want to say a huge thank you for such a fantastic course and also thank all faculties, staffs and colleagues who taught me, helped me and guided me to reach this level.They also guided me to learn with speed within those few months and also motivated in work to manage and treat patients.I have had a lot of positive feedbacks and the course has taught me a lot about myself and has increased my confidence hugely. The different methods of rotary systems used were really useful and gave a new experience. The presentations and case discussions done were useful to gain theoretical knowledge. This course had enabled to go on and develop a wonderful career that helped me achieve a position of root canal specialist at this stage.”

Dr Asif Ahmed (Mysore) +91 09448045091 – ” I have completed the 3 months clinical module from Community Dental. A perfect blend of scientific evidence, comprehensive lecturing & practical tips makes a learning experience that will benefit the patients. It offers a great road map in Root canal treatment. Dr Narasimhan Sir & his team are great mentors. Thy are extremely patient in answering every single doubt & makes sure we understand them.They see our cases & guide us in every step, I liked the next level endodontics because instead of teaching dogma from one rotary system, they build up thier circulum on a foundation of evidence based principles & from there they show us the best rotary system & protocols that meets those goals. Endo training courses does a great job,the tool to be much more successful with root canal treatment. A special thanks to Dr Santhanam, Dr. Habsha & Sudha sister & all the staffs…”

Dr Vishnu Chandran (Trishur,Kerala) +91 9544554704 – ” If you wish to master the art of hunting, learn it from a lion. You might end up with a wound or two and bruises many. But at the end of the day you would emerge one hell of a hunter. Why this lion, one might ask, in this wild and mighty jungle? While the others in the jungle are just lions, ladies and gentlemen, there is only one Narasimhan…!”

Dr Mohammed Raffi (Chennai) +91 9003154308 – ” Feeling so happy, completed my three months clinical module under Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj in his community centre. Thank u so much sir, ur organisation was so good.Well dedicated team Dr Santanam, Dr Habsha and all non clinical staff especially CEO Ms sudha. I can truly say from my heart Ilearnt it very peacefully ; very begining day u told me that the course will bring more confidence… its really true sir Iam able to do a painless root canal treatment. getting good referals. im sharing some of my own clinical x rays which I have done ; I strongly recommend this course to my beloved dentist …. if possible make use of this long time course….essence of endodontics has been trained …from access cavity to crown cementation, post and core selection of materials and selection of rotary systems.”

Dr SuroviKashyap (Nagaland) +91 9436832397 – ” My experience being with Dr Narasimhan and the course is the best journey of my life so far. Before joining this course I knew myself as a BDS but 3 months later, though I didn’t get a degree of MDS but the way Sir trained me it was never less than an MDS. I would really like to thank Dr Narasimhan, Dr Santhanam and Dr Habsha for taking real good care of me to mold my career. Your education and the practical performance given to me were outstanding. You as a team of staff are super friendly and compassionate with a desire to make every students life a brighter one. I also thank all the other Asst. Sisters who were also a part of Community. I always entered Community with a big smile from day 1 and the atmosphere to work there was always awesome. I don’t think any student will experience this quality anywhere else. Today after gaining so much from Access I really want each and every BDS doc to experience this pleasure too. This is the right place to invest before u set up your clinic because it will only give u more and more in your life of dentistry.Once Again Thank You So Much Sir!!!!!
You will and shall always remain the Backbone of my career though I may be hundred of miles away. Cheers to The Team Of Access Dental Centre…!!Keep Rocking…!!!!!!.”

Dr AnishaBamude (Mumbai) +91 7506195925 – ” Hi, I have completed the 3 months module in community and from these I have gained alot of self-confidence. In my college days UG’s were not given a chance to do root canals and here I got a good exposure for working on patients doing root canal and crown preparations. And for these I would like to thank Dr Narasimhan, Dr Santhanam and Dr Habsha for supporting me throughout thecourse ; and thanks sir for making root canal so simpler in few steps and actually this was a life changing course for me. When I joined community I came here with empty hands and while going from here my bags are full of experience and a key for root canal “POWER”.”

Dr Neha (Chennai) +91 9790906874– ” The Rotary Endodontic Course is something that I had always wished to do, and at Access Dental Institute my wish came ‘true’. First of all I would like to thank Dr Narasimhan, Dr Santhanam, DrBhartipriya & Dr Habsha and the supporting staff for nurturing me into a confident root canal specialist. This course has an edge over the other short-term courses as here we get to do cases on patients, which make us gain a lot of practical exposure and self-confidence. Each and every step of root canal treatment was taught with immense care and all our doubts were cleared then and there. Various aspects like tooth preparation, post & core and Re-RCT were also covered. The course is systematically planned with a mixture of seminars; case presentations and journal discussions that helped us expand our theoretical knowledge too. I also had a lot of fun at the institute with my colleagues and staff, as they were very jovial and friendly. Dr Narasimhan sir has inspired me by sharing his way of working and his useful tips which have helped me become a better dentist. I wish to learn a lot more from you sir. Thanks a lot access dental institute for this brilliant experience.”

Dr Priyadarshini (Kancheepuram, TN) +91 9445817797 – ” First I would like to say my thanks to Dr Narasimhan sir and his team for organizing Endo modules wherein the doctors are allowed to work on patients because that gives the exposure and confidence which cannot be obtained by working on dummy models. At Community Dental Clinic all the staffs are very friendly and they teach us from the basics and at any point any mistake without any hesitation staffs are ready to help us. My special thanks to the entire faculty doctors, Dr Santhanam, Dr Habsha & Dr Bharathi mam.
More than RCT, I got to learn more on RETREATMENT and difficult CROWN PREPS. My pillar of support Dr Santhanam Sir – I learnt so many things in this short period because of you sir. Thanks for all your support and my special thanks to Dr Narasimhan Sir for being very friendly and I learnt a lot from you in this module sir, so many useful tips you have taught me. I am sure I will put everything into my practice. I really miss all of you. Thanks a lot for your guidance.”

Dr Ramya V (Rwanda, Africa)+91 9840740971 – ” We could gain a lot of practical experience in doing RCT as we were made to do on patients directly. We were very fortunate that we could get ourselves trained by both Dr Santhanam and Dr Bharatipriya. All the staff including Dr Habshawas very dedicated. Sir, now I am in Rwanda, as I had already told u. I just have to register under Rwandan council and practice. Also, our seminars, journal discussions and presentations on Fridays were very useful Sir. We got to learn more from you. Thanks a lot sir for all the training and teaching I got from you. I would always contact you whenever I have any queries in Endo.”

Dr Josephine Vasumathi (Villupuram, TN) +91 9677338655 – ” I just want to say a huge thank you for such a fantastic course and also thank all faculties, staffs and colleagues who taught me, helped me and guided me to reach this level.They also guided me to learn with speed within those few months and also motivated in work to manage and treat patients.I have had a lot of positive feedback and the course has taught me a lot about myself and has increased my confidence hugely. The different methods of rotary systems used were really useful and gave a new experience. The presentations and case discussions done weekly were useful to gain theoretical knowledge. This course had enabled to go on and develop a wonderful career that helped me achieve a position of root canal specialist at this stage.”

Dr Vizokhotuo Solo (Nagaland) +91 9841776531 – ” Access Dental Institute is a place where you are not only trained for excellent Endodontic work but also trained well to be a good clinician too. During this three months time to be frank, it was not easy for a person like me but everything changed as time passed-by which was only possible because of truly dedicated faculties like Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj Sir and Dr Santhanam Sir who never gave up. Thank u Sir and Hats off to you both Sir. The ambience in community was so overwhelming that I would like to say that it’s a ‘Home Away from Home’. Whatever I have achieved today all the credit goes to each and everyone who are part of this Community Dental Clinic and I strongly believe that it’s made a big difference in my practice from how I was before. Thank you so much everyone; gone really miss u all.”

Dr Jude Sudhakar (Dubai) – ” I am a Prosthodontist, practicing in Dubai for the last 5 years. After finishing the 4 days Short-term module at Access Dental Institute last year, I developed an interest in Endodontics. I decided to present myself for the Residency Clinical Module on patients at Chennai under Dr Narasimhan. Thank you for teaching me endodontics and making the
course a positive experience. I have greater confidence in taking up endodontic cases now. A very special thanks to Dr Santhanam and Dr Habsha Fatima for their utmost guidance and support in handling patients. My sincere appreciation to your auxiliary team. I am looking forward for future modules too.”

Dr Sukanya Nandakumar (Bangalore) +91 8861221263 – ” The Rotary Endodontic Clinical training at Access Dental Institute is a ‘must-go’ if you are practitioner wishing to improve your skills and upgrade “confidently” from the conventional to rotary endodontic technique. There are umpteen short-term Endo courses in town, but this one remains unequalled and one-of-a-kind as the training comprises of treatment on patients and not merely hands-on on phantom heads. The training is meticulously planned and in order. Beginning with lectures, hands-on rotary training and crown preparation on the manikin mounted with natural teeth, followed by three months rigorous training under expert supervision, every single step is monitored and corrected. Learning the right way is the essence of it all.

The only downside is that 9.30am-7pm six days a week, sometimes felt too long. But otherwise, the long-term program had been an immense boost to my confidence and changed my perspective towards dentistry per se. The week-end seminars and journal discussions has inspired me to read more journals and keep updating about what is new in the dental town. As I bid good bye, I am glad that I am carrying with me fond memories which will be cherished, and vital lessons engraved in my head. A big thanks to Dr Narasimhan, for, the team has been like a family, and will remain very close to my heart. Now that the basic foundation is laid sturdy and solid, I hope to build on it from there. The journey has just begun…Cheers !”

Dr Ashima Thakral (New Delhi) +91 9650026324 – ” Team Community is one of the nicest professional Endodontic Training centers. It not only gives you a first hand experience in the discipline of Rotary Endodontics but instills in you a holistic approach in which to deal with and treat your valuable patients. Seminar activities, journal clubs and case presentations give a scientific basis to what we practice at Community Dental Clinic.The staff is extremely helpful and enthusiastic in training you to perform to the best of your capability and going beyond. I am thankful to the entire team at the Community Dental for giving a wonderful environment in which to nurture the endodontic skills. A suggestion ;It would be really helpful if the rotary files were made available for purchase, especially those whose dealers are not in Chennai which would reinforce discarding away of old files.”

Dr Chandini M (Chennai) +91 9962520009 – ” I have completed the three-months module from Community Dental Clinic and I am extremely thankful to have done this course. In my college days, undergraduates are not given a chance to do Root Canal. Not even anterior access opening, with such limited exposure I joined Community Dental and I was being taught RCT and Crown Preparation from scratch clinically. Dr Santhanam and Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj are extremely approachable and clear all trivial doubts and teach every procedure explicitly and gave me the confidence to perform root canal treatment on patients. The staff in Community are extremely servile.. I would like to thank Community Dental for the fruitful experience in these 3 months.”

Dr Bansi Unadkat (Rajkot) +91 9904122141 – ” Learning something new can be a scary experience, but in the end my persistence paid off as learning advanced Endodontics with Dr. Narasimhan Bharadwaj sir not only improved my skills in Endo but I learned something about learning; now when I’m faced with a new situation, I don’t get nervous. The level of confidence, I felt rising at every step during these 3 months. This is a wonderful and an inductive strategy designed to help students reinforce their understanding of concepts and practice individually on goals you have set for yourself” ; Thank u…”

Dr Scherene Basheer (Abu Dhabi) – ” It is with immense pleasure and gratitude, that I write this testimonial. I came here to learn Endodontics and I am walking out with a wealth of knowledge about diverse concepts in dentistry. This is a well-crafted course with an extremely comprehensive 4-day didactic module plus 3 months extensive hands on training.Narasimhan Sir’s passion and precision in endodontics is so infectious, that I am sure we all have a newfound zeal towards dentistry. The seminars and journal discussions were fantastic learning experiences. The way you have taught us the new techniques and tips crucial to modern practice, the chance to learn by using 5 different rotary systems are all highly appreciative sir.Excellent and dedicated faculty, Santhanam sir has given us, one to one, over the shoulder guidance in each and every step .The well trained staff and facilities provided in the clinic are impressive.Now I am confident that I can provide quality treatment to my patients. I consider this as a God given opportunity to have trained under you.My sincere prayers and wishes in all your future endeavors sir. “

Dr Priyanka Rohit Khatri (Chennai) +91 9884118997 – ” It is with great happiness and pride I present myself as the 1st student of Dr Narasimhan Sir. It was since the 1st announcement of his course on Facebook I was keen to join the 3months module on patients under sir. Those times were like only few students, and patients were more and Sir always insisted us in not taking off because he never wanted us to miss even one day of clinical experience and then theoretical discussion of each case at lunch or post lunch. I would say that I just knew few things about root canal before joining the course, but now I’m confident of handling every RC case with ease and at times when I find some difficulty, I would just ping sir thru WhatsApp with photo and my queries. He just replies back with easy solution.

This 3 months Endodontic and Post Endo module has definitely given me confidence in doing any RC case. The variety of systems taughtto us gives more exposure to the systems available in market so that an individual doctor can choose what system he or she is comfortable to work with. Of course one need to be sincere and honest enough to accept their weakness so that you can learn miles through this course. I would fail if I did not thank the other teaching staffs and non-teaching staffs for their non-stop help as apart from work they used to be too good people to mingle with like family. Miss community…!!! Cheers for the team..!!!!”

Dr Sukanya Bhaskaran (Chennai) +91 9962512686 – ” Hi everyone, I wish to share my experience in community dental clinic 3 months module on patients. I have gained a lot of self-confidence to do RCT in my clinical practice because of the exposure that Igained from working on patients. I would like to thank community dental unit team for providing wide variety of cases,modern clinical amenities and different rotary systemswith applications.I wish to thank Dr Narasimhan sir and his team for coming up with such an idea, which is really beneficial for dentists who wish to start their own clinic. I am proud to say that I have started my own clinic with the experience and the confidence gained at the 3 months clinical module.”

Dr Priyadharshini Selvakumar (Chennai) +91 9840799920 – ” This long-termclinical module on patients conducted by Dr Narasimhan sir, has been a morale booster for me, that after UG we can specialize in RCT & provide good care to our patients. This is a place where you will learn the proper and systematic approaches involved in the steps of RCT. Various aspects like cosmetic work, Post & Core, Re-RCT, retrieval of broken instrument etc. gives an overall coverage of Endodontics in a nutshell. Community Dental Clinic is such a friendly atmosphere to work & learn and they provide the support & care throughout the course duration. Thanks to Dr Santhanam sir and Dr Bharathi mam, as they guided us in cases and clearing the doubts then & there. Finally my sincere thanks to Dr Narasimhan sir, who gave me this wonderful opportunity to be his student and learn a lot from him. You are an excellent teacher and guide sir, not only on Endodontics but also for entire dental practice. Any doubts regarding Endodontics or general dentistry, when brought to you, we are sure to get the correct explanation and get clarified at that moment itself. Now I ‘ve begun my private practice with confidence, thanks to you Sir. “

Dr Saakshi Gulati (Chennai) +91 8086211566 – ” The three months module really helped me in starting work from scratch. Not being in touch with practice for almost five years I was scared to even hold an airotor hand piece and now I can confidently do root canals.Thanks to Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj sir, Dr Santhanam sir and the entire team. “

Dr Shylaja Mohan (Chennai) +91 9176874217 – ” Hi…this is Dr Shylaja Mohan, and this is my experience in attending the 3 months clinical module on patients under Dr Narasimhan sir. Even after my under-graduation I knew nothing regarding Root canal treatment but now after my completion here,I feel like I’ve done my post-graduation in Endodontics, because now I know how to handle even complicated cases with a confident attitude. Basically its a friendly environment were you get to learn a lot, not only about root canal treatment but also in the various other aspects in the most advanced ways. I would really thank Dr Narasimhan Sir and Dr Santhanam Sir…for helping me gain this confidence.”

Dr Bhanupriya Kolipakkam (Hyderabad) +91 7674014559 – ” It was overall a very good experience with lots of learning opportunity under the supervision of highly qualified specialists like Dr Narasimhan Sir, which I think, was the most valuable part of this course. Our training session was very interactive and our doctors, Dr Santhanam sir and Dr Bharathi mam were very helpful whenever there was a need for help.The best thing I liked about this course is not just learning rotary Endodontics or crown preparation but small things like doctor patient interaction, discipline while working and lots more which actually makes a big difference in our clinical practice. Iam very happy that I could attend this course and learn a lot, whichwas very useful in daily practice. Definitely worth attending and I totally enjoyed. “

Dr Shaik Mehmood Arif Jani (Vijayawada) +91 9989488692 – ” I have 4 things to speak about this course:

  1. A perfect protocol for Root Canal Treatment procedure.
  2. Knowledge about the newer updates in the field of Restorative dentistry.
  3. Weekly seminars and journal discussions, which were very interactive and extremely helpful.
  4. Lastly, Dr Narasimhan sir’spassion for Endodontics. Seeing him work and teach us about the procedures deepened our interest in Endodontics.Thank you sir for the wonderful course. I wish you all the best to inspire and generate interest in the budding dentists attending your course.”

Dr Susan Alexander Varghese (Bahrain) +91 97334082128 – ” Wow…! 3 months from 1st May to 31st August was an excellent experience in my dental career. I had the chance to study and do Root canal treatment on patients under the esteemed &experienced guide of mentor Dr Narasimhan Bharadwaj. It’s been an immense pleasure to learn the manual and advanced rotary endodontic treatment. We had a great time with lots of fun with the colleague’s. I have got the chance to treat 25 patients in the most appropriate way using the latest rotary instruments. We had a good rapport with the guide. He has showed us each and every step of Root Canal Treatment from the patient’s arrival to the clinic till the ceramic crowns are placed. It has boosted my self-confidence in Root Canal Treatment. Also, I have to thank Dr Santhanam sir for his effort in helping me in finishing the cases. I would also thank all the staff and colleagues for their support. I would recommend to all my friends and colleagues about the course. “

Dr MD Yunus (Bangalore) +91 8050394498 – ” During the 3 months clinical module on patients, I found many reasons to realize and estimate our level. Moreover, what we learn and know as an undergraduate student is far from beyond and by being here it really helped me to climb to higher levels with proper understanding and guidance from Dr Narasimhan Sir and his team. Now, my level of confidence has gone up a lot after the 3 months of training on patients.”

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The course was very useful ; The lectures were clear & precise with clinical relevance. Could be better if break timing is increased…

- Dr Gowthami (Chennai)

+91 9840864949

Got a very clear idea of RCT procedure ; Excellent overall experience. LIVE RCT on patient was very clear with clear demo

- Dr Thara (Chennai)

+91 9566240656

The course experience was great and feeling updated. Was able to adapt to Indirect Vision Exercises

- Dr R Manoshree (Guduvancheri)

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